Shhhh…Speakeasy Fridays are Coming to the West Shore Cafe

Today is the anniversary of the 21st Amendment, which repealed the 18th Amendment and ended prohibition.

The 1920s and the prohibition era were a time of unbridled enthusiasm and secret parties, and the Speakeasy was the hush-hush place to go for dancing and socializing. In those days, one needed to walk down a dark alley, knock on a nondescript door, share a password, and descend into cellars filled with the boisterous energy of those looking to imbibe on a cocktail.

This winter, The West Shore Cafe returns you to the rambunctious ’20s with Speakeasy Fridays every Friday from 5-10 p.m., beginning January 4. To set the tone, Speakeasy Nights will feature live music, 1920s-styled attire, and a newly created cocktail menu that revives the classic art of handcrafted cocktails.

To prepare the new menu, we sought the expertise of Trevor Easter, former manager of San Francisco-based speakeasy Bourbon & Branch and the critically-acclaimed bourbon hot-spot Rickhouse. Seen here during yesterday’s training, Trevor calls himself a “neo-classical” when it comes to crafting cocktails, and shared his award-winning techniques for crafting the Manhattan, Martini, and Old-Fashioned families of cocktails.

Can you smell the Juniper Berries in this classic gin?

Join us every Friday for this special experience of music, social mischief, and curated cocktails from a bygone era. Break out your Glad Rags for an evening of dancing and revelry, and relive Prohibition… Tahoe style. Just don’t forget the password;)

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