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Dial-A-Ride is a FREE shuttle to and from Homewood Mountain Resort straight to your door, anywhere on the West Shore.

Our Dial-A-Ride vans have all-wheel drive and studded tires.  We’ll pick you up in all weather!
If you have more than 7 people, it is best to call the day before to make arrangements for a bigger vehicle.
Your driver will be me, Brooke Barbata.  Ask me about which runs are best, where to go for dinner or anything else you might want to know about Tahoe.
Temporarily, Dial-A-Ride will be closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  With your phone calls, and a little more snow, we will be back and running 7 days a week.  I’ll keep you all up to date.

See you on the slopes!

The Homewood Mountain Resort Tearrain Park is now open!  Shredwood Forest is  offering a plethora of features, skiers and riders of all ages were tearing it up this weekend.  Preston and his park crew have been working their tails off building new features and getting the smooth transitions of rail to jump dialed!  Check out the list of features:
Shredwood Park
25ft Flat Kink Down Rail
35ft Jump
25ft Jump
2 15ft Jumps
20ft Jump
3 ride on Flat-Rails 10-20ft
30ft C Box
3 Kid Jumps
35ft Battleship Box

The Old Homewood Express provides quick laps by getting you to the top fast!  So get out there and hit it.  Look for more coming soon from these talented park builders!
Shredwood Park
Shredwood Park

A Tahoe phenomenon occurs on any given sunny weekend around noon at Homewood. “It’s ready, I can smell it,” yells a woman toward her husband. He’s standing in the Quail Chair lift line. Upon hearing her news, he clicks out of his skis, throws them in a nearby snow bank – clearly and abruptly abandoning his plan to keep skiing.

“Run ahead of us and grab a table,” he tells his wife in a tone of combined excitement and panic. Unzipped ski jacket flailing, he is now three steps ahead of their four kids and attempting to dignify his ski boot clad half run/half walk.  His C3PO robot-speed-walk is his only hope of beating the salivating mob closing in on him, all headed toward the South Lodge deck.

What is going on?

As a vegetarian, I’ll admit to driving blind on the art of grilled meats; however, bearing witness to the Pavlovian response of approximately 200 guests downwind of the South Lodge, it’s apparent that people are not only trained; they are addicted to Homewood’s barbecue.

There are three plates available for lunch at Homewood’s South Lodge barbecue: sirloin, half of a chicken, or a combo plate of the two aforementioned. All three options are served with a garden salad and homemade garlic bread. Sounds simple enough. Hardly.

The Steak:
Homewood prides itself on three steak gospels: 1) Stop calling it “steak”. This is choice sirloin. 2) Only use six-month aged choice sirloin. 3) Never, never add barbecue sauce. “It’s all in the spice rub,” said Chris Patrick, Homewood’s chef. It wasn’t what he said, but how he said it: he actually stopped tending the huge mounds of roast beast, removed his sunglasses, and whispered this. And he was serious. Homewood’s special spice rub, slow-cook technique, and aged sirloin produce a dish analogous to epicurean nirvana.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Amber Kijanka, Homewood’s event manager. “It literally falls apart so easily that you don’t even need a knife,” she added in an increasingly distant tone, undoubtedly wishing for lunch.

The Chicken:
Contrary to one’s first inkling, this is not a basic, boring bird devoid of character. The fowl burdened with a vanilla rep undergoes a glorious, flavorful transformation at Homewood’s weekend barbecue. “It’s a two-step process,” Chris Patrick explains with the joyous intensity of John Madden at the Super Bowl. “We grill the chicken first; then we steam it – not baste it – in beer,” he said. Of course. Beer. It makes the world turn. “This creates a nice, browned, crispy skin that covers a juicy, flavorful meat.

The Grill:
The grill itself is something to behold. At first glance, one might mistake it for medieval artillery. It’s huge. And at Homewood, propane and charcoal are publicly eschewed. “We only use a wood-fired barbecue,” said Ken Minkoff, Homewood’s Food & Beverage Manager/Barbecue Aficionado said with one hand on his hip, and the other thumbing toward the enormous pile of oak firewood behind him. “There’s just no other way,” he concluded quite definitively.

Eat at the Homewood Barbecue:
“Everyone must try Homewood’s barbecue. It’s unlike any lunch at the lake, and it is phenomenal,” said Kent Hoopingarner, Homewood’s General Manager. The South Lodge Barbecue fires up for lunch every Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, weather permitting. Skis and snowboards are optional; an appetite is mandatory.

  • Grilled sirloin, garlic bread and salad – $12.
  • 1/2 grilled chicken, garlic bread and salad – $12.
  • Combo plate: sirloin, 1/2 grilled chicken, garlic bread and salad – $14.

Ken Minkoff barbecue expert

Homewood's barbecue is an event to experience

slow-cooked over oak

Thank you for sharing a nice evening with us at the South Lodge! We were stoked to see so many old friends, talk about our favorite things about Homewood and share a toast to the coming ski season at Homewood. The snow on the mountain has really gotten good since then, and we couldn’t be happier to see all our friends making turns in the fresh powder over the Christmas Holiday.

We agree with you. “Homewood is absolutely special!”

Wow, what an amazing day at Homewood! Fresh, untracked powder ruled the day, and skiing through the huge trees was about the most memorable way to spend Christmas Eve day.

All the favorites were open, and even with all this new snow, Homewood’s grooming team had perfectly groomed slopes for everyone who is still easing into the season with gentle turns.

It’s still snowing, and Christmas and the New Year look to be filled with powder days! Enjoy some photos from today at Homewood:

Fluffy powder atop Madden Chair
Homewood Opening Day 7

The groomers are soft and carvable!
Homewood Opening Day on the mountain

…more snow is in the forecast
HMR Opening Day Skiing

Dashing through the snow… on Homewood’s Op’ning Day… O’er the fields we go… laughing all the way!
Powder boarding Homewood Opening Day

Smile – you’re at Homewood! With fresh powder!
Powder on Homewood Opening Day

The Old Homewood Express is OPEN!
Old Homewood Express

Who has the best caption for this photo of Tucker, one of Homewood patrol puppies?

Fun was had by all at the Homewood Passholder Party Friday, December 19! Everyone participated in decorating the Christmas tree in the South Lodge and enjoyed delicious hors d’oeuvres; chatted with old friends and ski buddies, and gave cheers to a great winter ahead with a champagne toast. With more than 3 feet of new snow within the past week, everyone is looking forward to making turns on the mountain on opening day, set for Christmas Eve day.

What a great place to gather and reconnect with friends.


Old friends celebrating Homewood

Homewood’s South Lodge

The South Lodge woodstove is one of the coziest spots to sit and chat.

Cheers to a great winter!

There’s something about the combination of Homewood’s beauty, the magic of the West Shore, and lots of fresh snow that inspire one to pull out a camera in an attempt to depict Mother Nature’s handiwork.  Below is one person’s attempt.  Soon you’ll be skiing at Homewood and have a chance to enjoy this incredible place for yourselves.  In the meantime, iron some fresh wax onto your skis or board (remember to scrape), bookmark Homewood’s snow report (we’re already updating it to make sure you’re ready for a holiday visit), and enjoy some photos of Homewood preparing for a fantastic winter! 

Terry Weltmer and his team of snowmakers have been making great use of Homewood’s very cold temperatures!

Everyone is busy shovelling, making snow, grooming, and getting ready for great holiday skiing.

Homewood’s South Lodge is so pretty during a snow storm…
HMR South Lodge

Homewood’s trees are undeniably some of the most beautiful around Lake Tahoe.
Homewood Trees

I recently had the privilege of talking with Nancy Lasky.  Her husband, Bob Lasky patrolled at Homewood for many, many years.  Nancy laughed as she recalled that many of the younger patrollers would often refer to Bob as “Gramps”, a term of endearment earned by his often-requested advice, stories, and shared enthusiasm for skiing.  Nancy wrote a wonderful letter to me, giving some history about how she and Bob became a part of the Homewood Family.  Homewood feels similar ties to the Lasky’s, and has preserved Bob’s memory by naming his favorite ski run Lasky Lane. 

In the words of Nancy Lasky:

“My family has worked and supported Homewood Mountain Resort for over 30 years, with a
combined service of 57 years,” Nancy Lasky said.  “We developed a special
bond with Homewood over the years and taught both of our grandchildren to ski at Homewood.
Our children and son-in-law also worked at Homewood for a total of 30 years.  
Bob was an employee for 18 years; and I worked at Homewood for two years as the Office Manager, and then became the Office Manager at the North Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce.”

Bob Skiing Powder at Homewood
“My late husband Bob, was a Major in the United States Air Force from 1966–1987.  He was an
Aeronautical Engineer and held a top secret security clearance.  While stationed in Denver, CO,
Bob became a National Ski Patroller at Arapahoe Basin, a trainer for two years, as well as becoming an EMT.  I also became a patroller during this time.  In 1983, we moved back to California, and we both joined the National Ski Patrol at Homewood, where Bob was the Patrol Director for two years.  He also earned his National number with the National Ski Patrol during this time.  After retiring from the Air Force, we moved to Tahoe City, and Bob became a [full time] Pro Patroller at Homewood. While patrolling, Bob would often exclaim, ‘Look at the view from my office,’ while pointing out the surrounding mountains and view of Lake Tahoe from Homewood’s summit.  Homewood’s view was quite an improvement from his windowless office while stationed in the Air Force.  He loved the view from Homewood.” 

Major Bob Lasky

“A Memorial service was held for Bob in 2002, at the top of the mountain.  In Bob’s memory, the ski patrol – along with many donations – put up a flag pole and plaque in his honor at the top of the Mountain and named the run under the Quad Chair, ‘Lasky Lane’.  Homewood upgraded the previous Quad Chair, renaming it the Old Homewood Express.”

Bob Lasky represents the true spirit of Homewood, and the mountain felt it important to preserve the story of how Lasky Lane was named.  Lasky Lane now graces the mountain’s trail map, and Bob’s favorite run will forever host his name and summon happy days of skiing at the mountain. 

Bob with grandson Nick

“The run is mostly from Bonanza to road #2.  This steep part under the chair was among Bob’s favorite.  The patrol made the sign the first year, honoring Bob as their coworker, ski partner, and friend.   

Other runs at Homewood named for people who either skied or worked at Homewood are: 
Wally’s Folly, Richard’s Bowl, Martin’s Lane, Woody Fellers, and Jimmy’s Run.”

To view more photos of Bob Lasky, click on any of the photos in this letter. 

Homewood’s Quail Lake is indeed a sublime hideaway during summer.  The Quail Lake Fishing Club enjoys a private fishing nirvana at this quiet alpine lake.  Members enjoy a chance to fish in solitude; view flowers and wildlife; and catch enormous trout.  The catch-and-release policy means the fish just keep getting bigger as summer goes on!  This fisherman had the fortune of having the lake entirely to himself last week. 

Quail Lake

Congratulations to Melissa and Jim!  They were married at the top of the Quail Chairlift at Homewood this past Saturday, August 13, 2008.  What a beautiful ceremony – classic Tahoe weather and amazing family and guests made for a great afternoon. 


Family members attended from all over the country – Michigan, Kentucky, Arizona, Bay Areal, Texas… a very cool group!  We at Homewood wish you all the happiness in the world; and again, congratulations!