Not Just a Race; a Race, Kind Of.

Homewood Mountain Resort held its annual Pro Patrol Tuesday, March 9. This event is truly legendary – a Tahoe tradition. HMR Patrol Race serves as a beacon for California patrol teams from all Tahoe mountains; as well as the southern Sierra and northern Nevada mountains.

The Homewood Patrol Race, though, is a ski/snowboard race in a way that Bay-To-Breakers is a running race; or Mardi Gras is homage to the approach of Ash Wednesday. As there are skilled players in every football game, there are racers at this race; but as there are tailgaters at a football game, there are the rest of the folks at the Homewood Patrol Race.

Before we digress too much, a big congratulations goes to Team Kirkwood, who left with the Patrol Race trophy for 2010. Strong work.

Now back to digressing. If you missed the 2010 Homewood Patrol Race, below is a quick recall. If you see yourself in it, fantastic. If not, be sure to mark the date next year and join us for an evening of fun, racing [kind of], taco eating, and a chance to be posted on the internet while dancing by yourself in the middle of a driving snow storm.

Homewood Patrol Race 2010

Also, this man simply deserves his very own video:

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