Meet Jessika “Yess” Bryce, West Shore Cafe’s executive chef

Meet Jessika. Pronounced “Yess-ika.”

A fittingly positive name for the vibrant executive chef of the West Shore Cafe.

“I’m not an angry, brooding chef like you see on TV. I’m a positive, bubbly, easy going girl,” Yess says. “I like to make people happy with food.”

And she takes her food seriously, constantly innovating and looking for new twists on the foods everybody loves.

Take her Irish Lamb Chops, for example. While the black currant demi-glace lamb chop would traditionally be joined by mashed potatoes and veggies on the side, Yess takes those and creates a “vegetable box’o’fun.”

“I like to alter a dish in such a way that a novice, a gourmet and someone who doesn’t even care at all will be able to enjoy it,” Yess says. “I think it’s really important to hit every area on the pallet with both taste and texture.”

For the past five years, Yess has been a vital part of the vibrant Reno-Tahoe dining scene, creating signature cuisine in popular restaurants such as Baxter’s Bistro at Northstar-at-Tahoe, Reno, Nevada’s Bistro 7, and Fredrick’s Fusion Bistro at Incline Village, Nevada.

“I’ve lived in restaurants my whole life,” Yess says.

Her experience also includes a stint as a private chef for a family residing in Incline Village, where she learned to be especially flexible and creative, crafting elaborate menus for celebratory galas and organic dinners for intimate family gatherings.  Bryce loves bringing out the essential flavors of ingredients and putting her own spin on traditional dishes.

To learn more about the West Shore Cafe’s food and lodging, go to the West Shore Cafe website.

West Shore Cafe Executive Chef Jessika Bryce

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