Homewood is Calm, Cool and Collected!

There is only one question all you serious Winter Sports Enthusiasts must ask on a day like today: “Why am I reading this and not skiing Homewood!?”

If you appreciate the attributes of calm, cool and collected then Homewood demands your respect.  It’s an epic day at the lake with calm light snowflakes blanketing the slopes.  The forecasted high temperature for today is a cool, low, and below freezing 30 degrees.  The Mountain has a great base and plenty more is starting to accumulate.  We are expecting to collect three to seven inches today at lake level and double digits in the days ahead.

Mother Nature dumped 12 to 16 inches of powder three days ago.  Yesterday afternoon had plenty of fresh tracks still to be carved.  With today’s addition, not to mention the feet in the forecast, lucky Homewood skiers and boarders will be laying down lines in the virgin snow all weekend long.

Naturally, the second question any true Winter Sports Enthusiast must ask with a weekend like the one we find ourselves in is: “How soon can I head to Homewood!?”


Thanks to Helene Drumm for sharing this sweet pic of our marvelous mountain in Homewood’s photo contest.  To share your photos from a recent adventure at Homewood, email your pictures with your name, hometown and contact information to homewoodphotocontest@gmail.com.  Who knows, maybe your photo will be the next to appear on the blog!

Happy Sliding!

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