First snow brings excitement to Homewood

This new snow is a great start, and we’re excited that there is more in the forecast!

Homewood wants to open more of the mountain as much as our guests and tenured pass holders want to ski and ride it! But with new snow (and in essence, the mountain’s first snow) comes the need for preparation: sufficient accumulation and time to pack the snow down onto the slopes; time to properly build chair lifts’ boarding and de-boarding stations (all made from snow); time for our mountain pros to make sure all guests will have a fun and safe time up there; and much more.

We at Homewood are thrilled about the arrival of snow, and hope to receive much more. We’re equally as thrilled that our readers and diehard guests and friends are interested in our plans – so we’ll keep you up to date along the entire way.

But keep in mind – if the mountain receives sufficient snow, then the mountain will open. With additional snow in the forecast and our incredible team of snow makers, we’re working our way, step-by-step, toward trying to bring you more of the mountain.

Thanks to everyone for your support, continued snow jigs, and your interest. We hope to see you at Homewood soon!

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