Environmental initiatives in the Homewood Master Plan

Homewood Mountain Resort is committed to environmental stewardship and excellence and accepts the inherent responsibilities of being the closest resort to the water’s edge of the most incredible place on Earth – Lake Tahoe. We are committed to preserving the health and vitality of the mountains that allow us to thrive, explore, and be; and for the community we are privileged to call home.

Throughout the past five years under current ownership, Homewood Mountain Resort has embraced our responsibility. Through fastidious planning, hard work, and the help of wonderful partners, we are delighted to report that Homewood’s accomplishments have been vast – and we are poised to unveil future initiatives. Now is the time to take account of our accomplishments and to look toward a bright future for additional environmental programs:

Homewood sediment runoff mitigation program

Homewood partnered with Tahoe-based Integrated Environmental Restoration Services to embark upon one of the country’s most dynamic programs to restore old logging roads at Homewood, which were created prior to the resort’s opening in 1962. As a result of eliminating countless miles of these logging roads (a primary contributor to sediment runoff), Homewood has succeeded in preventing more than 80,000 pounds of harmful sediment from entering Lake Tahoe each year through aggressive erosion control program on the approximately 1,000 acre watershed area of the Homewood Ski Area.

Forest fuels reduction initiative

Homewood consulted local fire protection districts and their myriad experts in determining a course of action for this program. As a result, Homewood has reduced forest fuels (i.e., standing dead trees and undergrowth) in an unprecedented effort to mitigate the potential for catastrophic wildfire on significant acreage throughout the resort. This effort has also resulted in the flourish of growth throughout healthy forest and native vegetation.

Future programs at Homewood

If approved, the Homewood Mountain Resort ski area master plan includes multiple additional environmental programs which will contribute to the overall environmental health and improvement of Lake Tahoe and its surrounding communities; some of which many include:

  • Replacing inefficient old buildings with highest standards of energy and water efficiency and incorporating solar, wind, and micro hydro power
  • If approved, the Homewood master plan is on track to receive a LEED Gold certification – the first in the country at a ski resort.
  • A groundbreaking alternative transportation program which includes expansion of the existing Homewood Dial-a-Ride shuttle service; an existing public-transportation-service incentive program; a water taxi service; completion of the West Shore Bike Path; a summer bicycle fleet offering; and an electric car fleet offering.

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We invite you to learn more about Homewood. We encourage you to learn more about its Master Plan.

We hope for a bright future at Lake Tahoe’s west shore.

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