Dial-A-Ride is Now Available 7 Days a Week!

Here are a few reasons to call Dial-A-Ride for a free ride to/from your house to/from Homewood Mountain Resort.

Reason Number 1: One less thing to worry about.
Sometimes taking one thing out of the equation makes all the difference…Do the kids have their gloves, hats goggles/glasses, jackets, snowboard/skis, boots, poles, water, sunscreen, chap stick, etc.  You have enough to worry about.  Leave the driving to us.
Reason Number 2: One Word.  “Beer.”
What’s the first thing you think about after a perfect day of skiing?  Beer!  Go to the bar and have a few beers.  And don’t worry about driving yourself home.  It makes the beer taste that much better, trust me.

Reason Number 3: The car is stuck in the driveway.
Worry about the car latter.  Ski/board while you can.  My van will make it, where your car might not.

Have fun and be safe!

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