Can you name this location?

Summer at Homewood and its surrounding peaks is everything that summer should be: living in the moment of endless days of swimming and the Marco Polo game; hiking through cedar forests; and collecting heart-shaped stones along the beach and trails. Your inner 12-year-old is alive and well while counting as many wildflower types along Homewood’s slopes.

While hiking along the mountain’s second creek above the flume the other day, Homewood Jake’s grandfather mentioned to him that there are about 36 types of lupine. If there is ever a time to find them all, this is it. You’ll also find wild onion, penstemon, tiger lily, mariposa lily, paint brush, mule ear, corn lily, pennyroyal, and arnica, just to name a few.

Quick fun contest: Tahoe’s trails are impossible to match. The open views, granite-encased lakes, sinewy juniper trees, and fragrant jeffrey pine bark tempt anyone to explore. The first reader to identify the location where this photo was snapped, will win two 2011-2012 lift tickets to Homewood. Hint: it is not at Homewood; but for experienced long-hauling hikers, we think you know the way to this location from Homewood (there are other less lengthy access points as well). Submit your entry to Along with your location submission, remember to include your full name and mailing address so that tickets may be sent to you.

And the winner is… Marc Bourrigue of Tahoma, CA!  Marc identified this photos location as the top of Mout Tallac.  Congrats, Marc! 


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