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Alignment. Balance. Stance.

According to Gary Cox, a Senior instructor at Homewood, these three words are the basis for skiing. “Use your core, and never ski without pressure on your shins,” expresses Gary in between runs on the chairlift.

Welcome to Adventure 55, a weekly clinic offered on Mondays at Homewood Mountain Resort. Gary, who has been instructing for almost 50 years, leads this fun group each week, which is designed specifically for the senior skier or snowboarder who is looking to learn new techniques. During my first session today, I learned just how valuable personal instruction can be. Instruction might be the wrong word, as Gary focuses much attention on observing his client, allowing him to tailor advice.

Back on the chairlift, he eagerly jumps back into a conversation about pressure points and “skiing with your bones.” Gary has witnessed every trend in ski technology over the years, and his greatest strength is his ability to relate to every age group and every style of skier. “I’ve skied everything from 210s to 155s,” says Gary when talking about ski technology during his career.

Though his knowledge of technique and equipment are second to none, Gary admits that he just loves teaching, and it shows. The result is a fun and informative morning spent cruising the slopes of Homewood with a guy who has seen it all. Here are some more details about the Monday Adventure 55 sessions:

  • All clinics run from 10am – 12pm and meet at the Little Red Schoolhouse at Homewood’s North Lodge.
  • Valid season pass or lift ticket required, and equipment rentals are not included.
  • Cost: Each session is $34, or 8 sessions can be locked-in for $224 ($28/session).
  • Open to intermediate/advanced skiers/riders over age 55.
  • To sign-up, call reservations at (530) 584-6844

More information also available online at SkiHomewood.com

What’s in a name? With all the fun-filled activities and attributes of Homewood’s newest mid-mountain bar, the Big Blue View Bar (BBVB) seems to sum it up succinctly.

Need we say more?!

BIG: Cause something as big as Lake Tahoe deserves an over-the-top, jaw-dropping, and DJ-fueled party at over 7100 feet.

BLUE: Yes the lake is blue, and so are the 50 bright blue Adirondack chairs that will suck you into an afternoon of pure Tahoe bliss. You’ll experience more clarity than the lake itself can offer.

VIEW: Panoramic vistas of ol’ Big Blue will have you wondering if you actually need that Waikiki timeshare anymore to re-create those Corona commercial moments. You’ll see why Homewood is known as “Tahoe’s Most Beautiful Resort.”

BAR: Ahhh the heart and soul of the BBVB. With frosty beer, wine, and cocktails available, you can kick back with friends and relax. Be sure to try the weekly hard cider specials as well. Share those embarrassing stories of the day’s spills, enjoy the grilled sausages, and repeat.

In conclusion, the BBVB deserves a spot on your bucket list. Enjoy food and drinks 7 days a week, and bounce your head to the sounds of a live DJ every weekend. Ski or snowboard into this mid-mountain rendezvous point with friends the next time at Homewood.

Bottom line, this place is FUN! But don’t take my word for it. Click the image below to watch last weekend’s crowd re-create the internet phenomenon known as “The Harlem Shake.” We humbly re-named it “The Homewood Shake!”

Click the picture to watch the "Homewood Shake"

The Homewood Ski Team is making a comeback! This past weekend the the Tahoe League race at Alpine Meadows, four members of the newly-formed Homewood Ski Team competed.

On Saturday, team member Cameron Uhlry and Nate Whisler competed with great results. Cameron made the Standings Page with an impressive 8th place finish and Nate skied solid to finish both runs. On Sunday, Connor Johnson and Sydney Whisler both finished, improving with each run.

We’re proud of our team members for this successful first race, and they are looking forward to the next Tahoe League race at Diamond Peak on February 23rd. Be sure to follow the action right here for further results. Congrats to the team members on a job well done. If interested in joining the Ski Team or Freeride Team programs, visit us online.

Recently, we asked our Facebook friends for stories about their first time skiing or snowboarding. The responses were genuine, thoughtful, and fun. Below is one of those stories from Matt Cole, and we can all relate to his experience.

“My first time on the slopes was when I was about 12 years old. My uncle, aunt, and cousins had rented a cabin in Lake Tahoe and my mom and I were able to stay with them. My uncle, cousins, and I tried snowboarding for the first time. I have always lived near Tahoe but had never been able to try snowboarding before. Tahoe had received a ton of snow that year so even though we all fell a little, tumbling into powder isn’t so bad at all. There was light snow falling and I recall how awesome the scene was gliding down the mountain with views of the gorgeous blues of Lake Tahoe and fresh snow everywhere. I can still hear the laughter and joy of people on the chair lifts, gliding down the mountain, and just playing around in the winter wonderland.

I remember us kids watching my uncle (a former skier who was trying snowboarding for the first time) wipe out and slide down the mountain a ways. Of course being young boys we laughed instead of making sure he was ok, but luckily he was just fine- a bruised ego was his only injury. I didn’t have very good clothing- I wore a ski bib that belonged to my mom that was literally from the 1970s. It wasn’t very water/snow proof anymore so I think I collected more snow inside my clothes than was kept out. But these things made the experience that much more memorable as it added to the experience and fun.

I kept that lift ticket as a reminder of that awesome experience for over 10 years- it hung on the key rack as a memento of my experience in the national treasure that is Tahoe. After a long but so fun day on the slopes, we dragged ourselves back to the cabin to warm up and dry out and enjoy some pizza. My mom and aunt had gone horseback riding so we all sat around in the nice warmth of the cabin and told how our days went. It was New Year’s Eve so at midnight we went outside and banged on some pots and pans (our parents quickly put the kybosh on that) to ring in the New Year. The perfect ending to an amazing first time on the slopes!”

Thanks Matt! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. See you on the mountain!

Homewood just got a little perkier this winter season with the addition of Madden Coffee. Conveniently located at the Homewood’s North Lodge, the new Madden Coffee will be serving up the freshest coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and chai this side of Lake Tahoe.

We are excited to showcase the beans of  Vaneli’s Handcrafted Coffee, a roastery from  Sacramento. Vaneli’s roasts each Homewood Coffee order just prior to shipment in their gas-fired drum roaster, so you know it’s the freshest bean above 6,000 feet. We also chose Vaneli’s for their responsible coffee buying program, as they buy much of their coffee directly from farmers at fair prices. This gives them a clear understanding of each varietal when making their blends.

Vanelis logo

How is the coffee? I will let you decide, but as an admitted coffee addict who usually brews his Blue Bottle or Philz coffee from San Francisco, I have been visiting Madden for the past 6 days straight and show no signs of letting up. Madden Coffee also brought in some experienced baristas who know the art of coffee, and staring up at the mountain with an aromatic cup of Joe is the perfect start to any epic day.

Today is the anniversary of the 21st Amendment, which repealed the 18th Amendment and ended prohibition.

The 1920s and the prohibition era were a time of unbridled enthusiasm and secret parties, and the Speakeasy was the hush-hush place to go for dancing and socializing. In those days, one needed to walk down a dark alley, knock on a nondescript door, share a password, and descend into cellars filled with the boisterous energy of those looking to imbibe on a cocktail.

This winter, The West Shore Cafe returns you to the rambunctious ’20s with Speakeasy Fridays every Friday from 5-10 p.m., beginning January 4. To set the tone, Speakeasy Nights will feature live music, 1920s-styled attire, and a newly created cocktail menu that revives the classic art of handcrafted cocktails.

To prepare the new menu, we sought the expertise of Trevor Easter, former manager of San Francisco-based speakeasy Bourbon & Branch and the critically-acclaimed bourbon hot-spot Rickhouse. Seen here during yesterday’s training, Trevor calls himself a “neo-classical” when it comes to crafting cocktails, and shared his award-winning techniques for crafting the Manhattan, Martini, and Old-Fashioned families of cocktails.

Can you smell the Juniper Berries in this classic gin?

Join us every Friday for this special experience of music, social mischief, and curated cocktails from a bygone era. Break out your Glad Rags for an evening of dancing and revelry, and relive Prohibition… Tahoe style. Just don’t forget the password;)

For more event, lodging, and dining information, visit the West Shore Cafe & Inn online at www.westshorecafe.com

It’s amazing what two days can do to your mindset. On Sunday I was still thinking about all the great fall mountain bike rides I wanted to get in this year; and today I’m insanely jealous of Jennifer and Tat, who I found skinning through Homewood’s parking lot, taking advantage of the 20 inches of fresh snow the resort now has at the base for a little ski tour.

And while it’s been a quick mental transition to winter mode, I am stoked to see how excited all of the Homewood family is about the early-season snow that the Lake Tahoe region has received this October. We’d love to see how you’re getting ready for the upcoming season of riding and skiing, so share your photos, thoughts and videos on our Facebook page if you’re feeling inclined.

This new snow is a great start, and we’re excited that there is more in the forecast!

Homewood wants to open more of the mountain as much as our guests and tenured pass holders want to ski and ride it! But with new snow (and in essence, the mountain’s first snow) comes the need for preparation: sufficient accumulation and time to pack the snow down onto the slopes; time to properly build chair lifts’ boarding and de-boarding stations (all made from snow); time for our mountain pros to make sure all guests will have a fun and safe time up there; and much more.

We at Homewood are thrilled about the arrival of snow, and hope to receive much more. We’re equally as thrilled that our readers and diehard guests and friends are interested in our plans – so we’ll keep you up to date along the entire way.

But keep in mind – if the mountain receives sufficient snow, then the mountain will open. With additional snow in the forecast and our incredible team of snow makers, we’re working our way, step-by-step, toward trying to bring you more of the mountain.

Thanks to everyone for your support, continued snow jigs, and your interest. We hope to see you at Homewood soon!

Homewood’s Opening Day is here!

Skiers, snowboarders, and snow players are enjoying beautiful sunny skies, plus great terrain covered with perfectly groomed snow upon which to make their first turns of the season!

The ski and snowboard school is filled with guests of all ages – and the complimentary Snow Play Zone is filled with permagrin-wearing kids.

C’mon out and make some turns at Homewood!  Tickets are only $25, the view of the lake from the slopes is, as always, superb.  Enjoy the Opening Day photos, and see you soon at the mountain!

Great snow conditions
Homewood Opening Day December 17

Amazing view of Lake Tahoe
Homewood Opening Day December 17

The complimentary Snow Play Zone has lots of enthusiastic guests
Homewood Opening Day December 17

The ski and snowboard school offers lessons throughout the entire day
Homewood Opening Day December 17

Shredding at Homewood
Homewood Opening Day December 17

More shredding at Homewood
Homewood Opening Day December 17

Lots of kids and kids-at-heart
Homewood Opening Day December 17

The magic carpet surface lift is perfect for beginners
Homewood Opening Day December 17

Quite possibly the cutest person on the planet
Homewood Opening Day December 17

Homewood Mountain Resort is committed to environmental stewardship and excellence and accepts the inherent responsibilities of being the closest resort to the water’s edge of the most incredible place on Earth – Lake Tahoe. We are committed to preserving the health and vitality of the mountains that allow us to thrive, explore, and be; and for the community we are privileged to call home.

Throughout the past five years under current ownership, Homewood Mountain Resort has embraced our responsibility. Through fastidious planning, hard work, and the help of wonderful partners, we are delighted to report that Homewood’s accomplishments have been vast – and we are poised to unveil future initiatives. Now is the time to take account of our accomplishments and to look toward a bright future for additional environmental programs:

Homewood sediment runoff mitigation program

Homewood partnered with Tahoe-based Integrated Environmental Restoration Services to embark upon one of the country’s most dynamic programs to restore old logging roads at Homewood, which were created prior to the resort’s opening in 1962. As a result of eliminating countless miles of these logging roads (a primary contributor to sediment runoff), Homewood has succeeded in preventing more than 80,000 pounds of harmful sediment from entering Lake Tahoe each year through aggressive erosion control program on the approximately 1,000 acre watershed area of the Homewood Ski Area.

Forest fuels reduction initiative

Homewood consulted local fire protection districts and their myriad experts in determining a course of action for this program. As a result, Homewood has reduced forest fuels (i.e., standing dead trees and undergrowth) in an unprecedented effort to mitigate the potential for catastrophic wildfire on significant acreage throughout the resort. This effort has also resulted in the flourish of growth throughout healthy forest and native vegetation.

Future programs at Homewood

If approved, the Homewood Mountain Resort ski area master plan includes multiple additional environmental programs which will contribute to the overall environmental health and improvement of Lake Tahoe and its surrounding communities; some of which many include:

  • Replacing inefficient old buildings with highest standards of energy and water efficiency and incorporating solar, wind, and micro hydro power
  • If approved, the Homewood master plan is on track to receive a LEED Gold certification – the first in the country at a ski resort.
  • A groundbreaking alternative transportation program which includes expansion of the existing Homewood Dial-a-Ride shuttle service; an existing public-transportation-service incentive program; a water taxi service; completion of the West Shore Bike Path; a summer bicycle fleet offering; and an electric car fleet offering.

Learn more

We invite you to learn more about Homewood. We encourage you to learn more about its Master Plan.

We hope for a bright future at Lake Tahoe’s west shore.